To transfer domain name, please contact us at least 1 week before expiration date to be sure we can arrange all necessary processes.


First at all , there is no possibility to transfer hosting service. If your web hosting has only FTP access (depends on your hosting pack) , once you transfer domain name, there is no access to hosting service and this service will be terminated in the day of domain name transfer. We recommend you to back up your data before website domain name transfer proceeded. If you require change your hosting service from FTP , let us know, we will be happy offer you any other hosting package as WordPress or any other.


You need send us copy of your ID (or company registration certificate if you are company) by email : contact(at) or by this link. If you got your domain name and hosting service as a promotion (FREE OFFER as a package with website , transfer is available after 3 years from registering domain with Gomarnad.

Authorization code for web domain name is released to all clients.

(In some cases , there are exceptions for those with and others - there are no authorization codes provided at all)

Transfer rules updated on March 2013.

We at Gomarnad think that sharing positive and also negative experience with our customers can help business on both sides.

Everyone requiring any service from Gomarnad ,

must accept all our terms & conditions.